The Focus of Opulent Fetish is Real Femdom & Authentic Mistresses representing the BDSM lifestyle, and professional domination with authenticaticity and integrity from Atlanta, GA and around the world.

True Dominatrix

A true Dominatrix has a wide skill set of BDSM activities and interests, and a firm grasp on the psychology of the power exchange taking years and a lifetime of commitment to develop. Self-made and self-actualized Dominant Women take control from the dungeon to the desk top creating a subculture as well as an industry based on Their experiences and desires.

The difference in perspective, presentation, and execution between fetish and FemDom productions created by Real Lifestyle and Professional Mistresses and those created by the mainstream male dominated porn companies is vast! The Fetish clips and kinky movies at Opulent Fetish center around the Domina owning and controlling not only Her male slaves, Her Female slaves, and sissies but Her entire world starting with the scene itself.


All bondage and rope bondage on Opulent Fetish, including shibari, is rigged by the Female Dominants on the set. The banter is as real as the corporal punishment and whipping.

This is FemDom, where Women Rule and men obey.

The Ladies of Opulent Fetish

Opulent Fetish boasts Highly Skilled Beautifully Cruel Mistresses, real slaves and Fantastic quality BDSM productions with custom bondage furniture and suspension in the dungeon of your dreams, unique in grandeur style and function brought to you by One of The Most Well Known and Experienced Mistresses of Classic Domination today, Goddess Cheyenne© of Atlanta.

Goddess Cheyenne

Being the natural Dominant that She Is, Goddess Cheyenne’s first day of kindergarten She lured a boy into a garbage can, slammed the lid shut to trap him inside, then jumped on top of it with rocks in hand and beat the sides of the can until he cried.

Goddess Cheyenne’s canopy bed was where Her stuffed animals were frequently left suspended to the posts with Her hair ribbons. “This has been an integral part of My personality for as long as I can remember. It was a natural progression for Me to gravitate toward BDSM as I grew older.”

 Goddess Cheyenne has been practicing domination professionally since 1999 and does so in Her personal life, for Her own pleasure.

FemDom ICON 

Mistress Irene Boss

My first love is Sadism. The feeling of elation I experience through your suffering and distress is comparable to no other. My second love is all things kink: bondage of every variety (light to heavy to predicament), mummification, sensory play, corporal punishment, medical, CBT/NT, and select types of worship are activities I highly enjoy. Above all I am an artist, and I thrive on the ways you react to My treatments on the canvas that is your flesh.

Do not feel limited or intimidated by the kinks and fetishes listed above. Genuine foot worshippers and Goddess pamperers hold a special place in My dark heart. It’s not always about pain. Respectfully suggest a scenario for Me to consider, and I will respond if it piques My interest.

I am a trained, practiced, versatile designer of creative scenarios. I respond well to respectful, motivated, and adventurous individuals who are able to articulate the experience they seek in order to create a mutually beneficial interaction.


*We apologize for any inconvenience the typo caused. Mistress Irene Boss does not engage in FTT.  Do not inquire for such.

Czarina Gia

Miss Czarina Gias’ interest in BDSM and Fetish began early in Her development much like My own. She loved playing dress up where boys become girls and has developed this skill into an artform! She was a Fetish Performer at The Chamber . For those unfamiliar with the venue it was a beloved fetish/goth club in Atlanta in the late 90s / early 2000s.

She is dedicated to Her ever increasing development as a Domina and the enthusiasm shows! For those who are granted the Privilege to be in Her presence with Me for a Double Domme session, prepare to be shocked, awed and Beauty Whipped, running the gamut from hard assed male slavery to soft, silky fully fashioned stockings for the discerning connoisseur of fetish indulgences!

She has appeared multiple times in Playboy and Penthouse and in Leg Show Magazine see Her now on!

Latex Fetish Legend

Jean Bardot

I Love Latex!

And I love working from my dungeon in Minneapolis.  Or from your studio in Los Angeles. Or on your stage in London.  Or wherever fulfillment takes us.

In one life, I’m a wildly ambitious, highly optimistic, talented fetish artist who lives to create attractive fetish print, Web and film projects that serve their intended purpose. I’m inspired by the uniqueness of individual projects and have a genuine talent for capturing their essence.


Mistress Alexandra Sadista

Professional Dominant, passionate about the BDSM arts. Loves Sadism and Kink, Latex and Leather. subservient males, fetishists, masochists welcome.

Alexandra Sadista is a skilled Dominatrix in Chicago who is well versed in the art of Sadomasochism. BDSM piqued Her interest nearly twenty years ago. For the last eight, She has been training slaves, and gaining the adoration of male submissives in Chicago.

With her irrefutable dominant nature and her powers of persuasion, you will find yourself doing the unthinkable in order to gain Her approval. She will see you; the novice, experienced player, or lifestyle submissive, so long as your reverence is as evident as your willingness to submit.

Lady Kyra

The Lady Kyra delights in dildo strap on training, the more humiliating and erotic the better. Lady Kyra has served as a sinister switch to the notorious Goddess Cheyenne. Besides her favorite activity for male degradation, she is appetized by her slaves cross dressing, begging, being marked, in full or partial chastity and role playing .Corporeal punishment,whipping, flogging and CBT are now enthusiastically explored as a Top after years of servitude as a co sub to the beautiful Goddess Cheyenne.

Her kinks include but are not limited to creative role playing of unlimited potential, uniforms, thigh high boots, foot, leg , ass and body worship, smothering, tickle torture, and latex.

Explore your deepest, wildest fears, fantasies and pleasures and fulfill Kyras wishes as a Dominant Woman or an exciting submissive.

Mistress Jewell Marceau

I want to know what your fetishes are! Tell Me what you fantasize about the most! What would you like to see Me wearing when you walk through My door? Leather, latex, PVC, thigh high boots, a corset and nylons? you name it and I will wear it just for you! Lateness is a definite way to insure punishment!

Goddess Brianna

The power exchange and public ravaging of the male was very erotic. After the scene, the lady instructed the male to thank her. This experience marked me.   I soon began turning any would be suitors into my foot slaves and well trained bitches.

The corporal punishment of males is fascinating. After having watched other dommes string a man upside down and bull whip him, I was hooked. The initial years have been spent carefully watching and learning from some of the most remarkable dominas in the country. It’s been thrilling. I’m very excited to embrace female domination not only as a personal passion, but a 24/7 lifestyle.

Mistress Luna Lain

Fresh FemDom Luna Lain available in Atlanta    Experience the excitement of a 22 year old budding Domina!

Mistress Luna is available for Solo sessions and Double Domme sessions with Goddess Cheyenne in Atlanta.

Don’t let Her sweet face fool you, this kitten has claws!

Rachel DD

Alluring Blonde Goddess. Experienced in all things Kink. Making Fetish fantasies Come True-One session at a Time! Warning highly addictive!

I am Goddess Rachelle, and I am the blonde bombshell of your dreams. I am a well-known fetish model and Dominatrix. Embodying Beauty, brains- AND a PERFECT Body – I will leave you breathless.

I am Experienced, Knowledgeable, and Embracing of Most Fetishes/ Fantasies- From Mild to Extreme. I Love What I do and it Radiates in Every Session, leaving you Instantly addicted!

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