A true Dominatrix has a wide skill set of BDSM activities and interests, and a firm grasp on the psychology of the power exchange taking years and a lifetime of commitment to develop. 

Exclusive Members

you will find  SLAVE TRAINING, PROTOCOL & BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: Etiquette and skills for lifestyle service must be developed ranging from formal situations to everyday expectations, where My approval is your greatest reward.

From silk scarves to shibari, leather and latex straps, devices and furniture, sensual and erotic to complete immobilized helplessness, strenuous and predicaments, BONDAGE is a fantastic way to add drama and excitement to a play scene.


Spanking and corporal with or without role-play OTK, by hand leather or Latex straps wooden paddles and canes, DISCIPLINE can serve a multitude of purposes from behavior modification to sensual eroticism.

Inducing erotic pain through SADISM can include single tail whips, quirts, clamps, electro, play piercing, CBT, and NT ranging from mild to wild.


SISSIFICATION and TRANSFORMATION: Where boys become girls with or without erotic humiliation.


CHASTITYA little thing that makes a big difference. Ranging from a few hours of lock up , to days ,weeks ,months or permanent key holding you will feel My control over you like never before.

In the playroom dubbed the Clinique, MEDICAL FETISH role-play can include varying degrees of examinations and experiments.

Foot Slaves

Nylons, Pantyhose, bare feet and a perfect pedicure.. FOOT SLAVES must be respectful and earn the privilege of worship. Sparkly polish adorns My tiny toes and My sky high arches tapering down from muscular calves and toned thighs, will have you drooling.

At Opulent Fetish 

Self-made and self-actualized Dominant Women take control from the dungeon to the desk top creating a subculture as well as an industry based on Their experiences and desires.

The difference in perspective, presentation, and execution between fetish and Femdom productions created by Real Lifestyle and Professional Mistresses and those created by the mainstream male dominated porn companies is vast! The Fetish clips and kinky movies at Opulent Fetish center around the Domina owning and controlling not only Her male slaves, Her Female slaves, and sissies but Her entire world starting with the scene itself.

All bondage and rope bondage on Opulent Fetish, including shibari, is rigged by the Female Dominants on the set. The banter is as real as the corporal punishment and whipping.

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