Atlanta Dominatrix Goddess Cheyenne’s private dungeon is an opulent spectacle, unique in grandeur, style and function, located in the heart of Atlanta Georgia. It is an ever growing and evolving labor of love.

An Enchanted Private Courtyard

The enchanted private courtyard with a lion’s head cement fountain unbelievable seasonal foliage and blooming wisteria, holds a shibari atrium for outdoor bondage, suspension and more.

Main Dungeon 

20 foot ceilings soar in the main dungeon hall equipped with a two ton hoist, bondage sling, isolation coffin,10ft St. Andrews cross, seven  foot overnight cage outfitted with a double foam sleeping mat and bondage table, frontal whipping post, hanging strap cage, hanging canary post, custom steel reinforced hanging bondage ladder, custom suspension beam, bondage horse, predicament bondage tie down board, extreme bondage hanging barrel, Fetters sit sling, shibari ring, Liberator, Objectifier, custom wood hanging stocks and the One and Only “Frankenstein Chair” by DownTown Willy.


All the expected and some unexpected accoutrements, too many to trail on with, here is a partial list : Strict Leather arm & leg splints, leather bondage mitts, leather bondage ankle and wrist cuffs, leather hoods, latex hoods, sensory deprivation hoods, latex breather & breath control hoods, leather masks and muzzles , rubber and steel gags, Mr.S heavy duty suspension mitts and inversion boots, Achella suspension harness, Mr.S strict leather posture collar, spreader bars, Fetters Deluxe Leather sleep sack, latex bondage straps, latex bondage mummification with a variety of cbt & nt clamps, canes by Canes for Pain, leather paddles by London Tanners, wooden, Lucite and aircraft aluminum paddles, Florentine floggers, cat o nine tails, rubber flogger, horsehair & soft rayon floggers, deerskin flogger by Heartwood Whips, leather taws, straps and quirts, many single tail whips by Victor Tella, Axel and Bernie Wojcicki. This room will WOW you! The amazing gear is set amongst 1800s reproduction velvet drapes with an Austrian valance and a French Empire crystal chandelier, antiques , wrought iron and one of a kind decor!

The Medical Room

The medical fantasy room dubbed The Clinique is loaded with a vintage gyno table including stirrups, stainless steel furniture and medical oddities, swing arm vintage overhead dentistry lamp, wheelchair, IV pole,cbt bondage chair and antique medical cabinet filled with dental protractors ,gags, pumps and everything your medical fetish fantasy needs. The room is also stocked with a violet wand an array of electro toys, Nova Pro,Venus 200 and a dry heat autoclave sterilizer. It is time for your checkup.

The Sissy Suite

a French Provincial dream overflowing with an array of cross dressing, transformation and adult baby novelties such as high heeled & platform shoes in men’s sizes, plus size lingerie, maids uniforms, wigs, breast forms and a salon chair seated before a vintage vanity stocked with make-up and jewelry. Serve Mistress tea on the 1800’s East Lake furniture or peruse collectors editions of Forced Womanhood and Enslaved Sissies and Maids magazines. Adult baby booties, onesies, cloth and disposable diapers with plastic pants are here with ab toys bottles and pacifiers.

Latex Lovers

Latex lovers can indulge in rubber lingerie and Leather lovers will swoon over the men’s leather corset by Marvelous Mayhem. Leave your mask for the outside world at My doorstep and let the real you emerge.

Sanibel Beach Canes

For very experienced players only and not for the weak of heart! Each Canes4pain cane is 30 inches long, has a 9mm aluminum core, and no handle.  The first is covered in sand while the other two are covered in shell fragments, one with smaller fragements while the other is covered in coarsely breaking the skin easily. They are all thuddy, but sharp. It is an interesting sensation. Just like a warm day in the sun at the beach!

Master Series Weighted Clover Clamps

These ingenious clamps are specially designed to tighten their grip as they are pulled downward. The ends are tipped with ribbed rubber, to help retain their grip and add to the sensation. Each weight clips easily on to the end, supplying 8 oz of pull each, for a full pound of pressure total. 

Nova Pro 100 with True White Glasses

For the Ultimate Bondage Experience!  The Nova Pro 100 machine can greatly enhance your chances of having an “out-of-body experience..” The effects on the brain through light and sound will take you out of this world without the use of any chemicals. By tying someone down, comfortably to a bed, or cocooned in a sleep sack, mummified or bound in a straitjacket, adding the light glasses and headphones transports you into other mental realms.

Nova Pro 100 can be hooked up to the new ET312 electrical box which will allow you to enjoy the same tones and pulses on your cock and balls and in your butt providing a full body, light and sound experience. It brings electric play to new heights. Of course, all of these attachments can also be used in combination with each other. The possibilities are endless.

The Frankenstein Chair

It has been over 2 years of searching, planning and creating to make this Dream a reality. This is a one of a kind custom piece of dungeon furniture created for Me by the famous DownTown Willy. Weighing over 450 pounds, with copper vein powder coated steel and absolutely gorgeous deep brown  leather upholstery with oxblood piping the quality of the interior of a custom hot rod…even has that new car smell, it features many adjustable parts including a  head restraint , mobile leg positions and adjustable arm rests as well as an electric winch to put you exactly where I want you. Bondage points are everywhere to make sure you stay helplessly in place. Seeing is believing and the experience is incredible!

This MASSIVE work of  art is a jewel in My crown and the likes of which are only seen in the Best Dungeons in the World! 

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